Graduate Placement into Middle School

The Placement Process

List of Graduate Acceptances

In New York City, sixth grade is the next major point of entry for new students after Kindergarten and therefore, our graduates have a wide array of schools to consider for sixth grade. Developmentally, this is an ideal opportunity for students to transition to a new school as childhood is coming to a close and adolescence is beginning. Caedmon graduates are well prepared for the rigors of middle school and each year, they are accepted into a diverse range of independent and public schools. Our ultimate goal is to place each student into the school that will be the most appropriate program for his or her academic and extracurricular preferences. Our graduates leave equipped with the skills and qualities that will be essential to their future success, including time management, organization, work ethic, research, writing, literary analysis, problem solving, test-taking, leadership, compassion, collaboration, academic inquiry, and public speaking.

The Head of School provides extensive guidance and support to Caedmon students and their families as they undergo the process of selecting a middle school. The Head works closely with the students and their families from the spring of the student’s fourth grade year until their admission into the next school. This journey begins when families attend a panel discussion of middle school Admissions Directors to learn about the range of schools available and what the admissions process entails. Later that spring, the Head of School meets individually with each family to recommend schools for consideration. Caedmon’s small size enables the educational administrators to remain extraordinarily involved with each family throughout the process. From September through December of their fifth grade year, students take part in a weekly series of workshops to prepare them for their role in the process. The students practice interviewing skills and receive instruction on test-taking strategies. The school provides children with preparation for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Caedmon maintains close relationships with all of the ongoing schools. These relationships are characterized by an extraordinary transparency, which is appreciated by all of the parties involved in this process. As a result, the Directors of Admissions at the ongoing schools trust the recommendations made by Caedmon’s educational administrators, and are extremely impressed with candidates from Caedmon.

In 2013, graduates were accepted at the following schools for sixth grade:

The Anderson School
Bank Street School for Children
The Berkeley Carroll School
The Birch Wathen Lenox School
The Brearley School
The Calhoun School
The Chapin School
Columbia Grammar School
The Dalton School
The Dwight School
East Side Middle School
Hackley School
The Hewitt School
Horace Mann School
The Masters School
The Nightingale-Bamford School
Poly Prep Country Day School
Professional Children’s School
Riverdale Country School
Robert F. Wagner Middle School
St. Stephen School
The Spence School
Trevor Day School
Trinity School
York Preparatory School

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