The Caedmon Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The curriculum at Caedmon reflects the highest standards of the most competitive independent schools. The children are taught effective work-study skills in an environment that encourages independence and responsibility.

In the Early Program, the classroom is a prepared environment where the teacher is a facilitator, guiding the child in the learning of new skills and concepts, preparing new learning situations, and organizing direct instruction in the core curricular areas. At each stage, the curriculum and instruction takes into account the preparation for the next stage in the children’s education — whether it be the foundation in pre-reading that is inherent in so much of the work in the Early Program, or the preparation for test taking in the later elementary years. Careful deliberation is given to integrating the subject areas, and incorporating the wealth of resources available to enhance the program (e.g., field trips, special guests, computers, and access to the internet).

In the Elementary Program, the classroom teachers are responsible for planning and teaching the major curricular areas: language arts (reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting), math, and social studies. Daily, direct instruction in math and language arts is organized around small instructional groups. The curriculum is expanded and enriched by regular instruction in art, computer, foreign language, library, music, science, and physical education (including yoga), which are taught by specialists outside the classroom.

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