Beginners Program (2.8 - 3.0 years old)

The Beginners class has twelve to fourteen children with two teachers. The children are in school Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 11:30 am. It is specifically designed to foster confidence, competence, and independence in first-time school children. It offers a predictable daily routine, a clear and accessible arrangement of materials, developmentally appropriate tasks, and an emphasis on social interaction all of which are geared to making every experience a successful one for the child.

The Program fosters a sense of competence and confidence in the children with a curriculum of specific, developmentally appropriate activities that always end in an experience of success. Because the class is so small, two teachers are able to provide all the special attention the children of this age need to achieve the goals of the class and prepare for their subsequent move to the Early program.

The emphasis of the program is on social interaction. Predictable routines, an orderly arrangement of materials, and meticulously planned activities gently teach the children to operate within the more complex parameters of a school environment. “Following the rules,” “putting your work away,” and “taking turns” are seeds that grow into an awareness and consideration of others. Gradually, the children they are playing next to become a part of their play and they discover that
sharing can be fun.

The Caedmon Discovery Program

The Caedmon School offers an extended day program for children in both the Beginners class as well as the first year of Early Program. This option allows children to be in school until 3:30 pm. The children will have lunch and a rest time, followed by an afternoon of Discovery. The curriculum will be modeled after our Early Program classrooms, providing the children with opportunities to explore the materials, and engage in teacher-directed activities, including art, music, and dramatic play. Children who attend the Discovery Program will also be able participate in our Afterschool classes.


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