Welcome from the Head of School

I am excited to introduce you to Caedmon’s “virtual home.” Caedmon is a happy, caring school.  Children thrive here. The research on young children’s education is very clear – these early years are the ones where you capture a child’s curiosity and passions. They fall in love school or they don’t. At Caedmon, loving to learn is what we do.

Caedmon was founded by a group of excited, passionate parents, inspired by the philosophy of Maria Montessori. The importance of that relationship still exists today. Proud to be a superb Early Childhood and Elementary program, we work closely with our families on their journey with us, from the very first day of school to the day our students graduate and go on to attend the finest New York private and public middle schools.

The four cornerstones of our mission inspire and drive every thing we do: Community, Academic Excellence, Diversity, and Montessori.

  • We are a community, first and foremost.  People at Caedmon -- faculty, staff, and families -- “have each other’s back.” Everyone at Caedmon holds as a priority each other’s success.
  • Our program provides academic excellence, which is based on an understanding of how children develop and of each student as an individual learner.
  • The school was founded on the idea that New York is a diverse, global city. Caedmon doesn’t “work” on diversity – it is a diverse and exciting population, where difference is embraced as an opportunity to appreciate and learn about our world and each other.
  • We teach in accordance with the philosophy of Maria Montessori, who saw education as a natural outcome of curiosity and self-driven success, as opposed to pleasing the teacher or being taught by the expert at the front of the room.

There is a very special “vibe” that you feel when you visit Caedmon. It is a result of passionate teachers that care very deeply about the children to whom they have been entrusted. At Caedmon, children are always our first priority!

While we try to capture this unique feeling here on our website, I encourage you to visit the school and experience it yourself.

Matthew Stuart

Head of School



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