Caedmon Mission Statement

At The Caedmon School we passionately embrace our responsibility to help children develop into capable, confident, creative, and caring human beings. We furnish them with the skills they will need to achieve academic excellence and pursue a life of learning. We foster in them the empathy and compassion to see the world from perspectives other than their own. We nurture in them the self-assurance and courage to one day address the social concerns of their age.

At its founding, The Caedmon School was inspired by the philosophy of Maria Montessori, a comprehensive educational model which recognizes early cognitive and sensorimotor development as the foundation for a healthy, lifelong process of learning. At Caedmon, this philosophy has evolved along with the culture in which we apply it. We strive to meet the growing expectations of our complex and competitive community, while remaining committed to Montessori’s primary maxim: to teach individual children according to their individual needs.

As our world becomes evermore interdependent and our society more culturally diverse, we are determined that The Caedmon School community should reflect that connectedness and diversity. We honor and actively explore the varied backgrounds and traditions that are represented among us. We cultivate an environment in which emotional bonds are forged across potential barriers of language and culture, physical and intellectual difference, or social and economic disparity.

By committing to this mission, we believe that our children will grow to take command of their natural gifts with a greater understanding of our complex world and their eventual role within it - a role that will increasingly demand empathy and responsiveness, as well as knowledge, ambition, and skill. It is for this that we teach.

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